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Connections Based Learning

In our science 9 class this semester we were able to do many things that we couldn’t do in any other class. Instead of doing things like labs and small tests every week, we were able to help people who don’t have access to the same materials as we do. We were able to make a difference in the world and I think that’s what great about our science class. Here at Riverside, we are incredibly fortunate to collaborate with all these awesome people in the Dominican Republic and Nova Scotia. Our experience was really enjoyable and I really liked working on this life changing project with my friends.

Our group collaborated with another group in the class to create shakable lights using magnets. We decided that our group would work on fundraising money to help pay for the cost of the materials we would need to create the lights that the other group would design and create these lights. For fundraising, we created a Christmas themed photo booth in the library computer lab and it was actually really fun. Ashiana also created a video to be played during RAP to get the word out about the fundraiser. And our final tactic we used to get the word out, was through social media. We created a twitter and instagram page for out engineering brightness groups. We reached out to the riverside @rapidevent page an got them to post about our group to get more followers and to spread the word even further. We actually accomplished a lot and we were able to make a small profit. I personally think we could’ve done better on trying to get the word out and spreading awareness for the cause. Despite these feelings I have, I feel like we accomplished so much in such little time and that makes me really happy.

We did really well on collaborating ideas and working as a team to really achieve out goals. We had group chats on imessage where we were able to communicate with each other easily and quickly. We always had the proper supplies we needed and I honestly think no one has ever failed to bring the proper supplies for whatever project we were doing that day. There are a couple things we can improve on like the fact that we were trying to just do everything at once so I think if we ever do something like this again, we should try and be more time efficient.

Overall, I find the Connections-based Learning experience to be one that everyone should have the joy of participating in. In COL we are not only learning new and important science, we are able to use our knowledge to help those in need and I think that it absolutely amazing. I believe that Mr. Robinson taught it to us so well and the skype chats he was able to arrange for our class was a truly incredible experience.

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    • thank you for commenting on my post! it was a great experience working with you and I hope we can collaborate again in the future!!! 🙂

  1. Connection Based learning is true authentic learning with a purpose to critically think and collaborate to achieve. Congratulations.

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