Mutation Story

My host is a young boy named James. James may look like an ordinary boy, but on the inside he is not. There is something wrong with his chromosomes. The X chromosome on the 23rd strand has been mutated which has caused him to become hemophiliac. People who suffer from hemophilia lack sufficient blood clotting proteins such as Factor 8.

Being hemophiliac means the blood will not clot normally and this can lead to many complications later on in life. A person like James suffering from hemophilia can experience bleeding in joints and the brain which can cause permanent damage, headaches, seizures or unconsciousness. Since James was born a male, he was at a higher risk for acquiring hemophilia. Males only have one X chromosome whereas females have 2 which makes it harder for the female to have hemophilia. I got the hemophilia from my mother, one of her X chromosomes was mutated with the hemophilia gene which made her only a carrier, and she did not suffer from any symptoms. But unfortunately the X chromosome was passed on to James and he became hemophiliac.


Question 1

  1. a) What happened to you as a gene?
  2. b) What caused your mutation ?
  3. c) What effects did the gene mutation have on your host’s body?
  4. d) How was the hosts’s life affect?
  5. e) What is your host’s story?
  6. f) How can I incorporate everyday things into this story? (i.e. bullying, as most kids go through it, wanted to make this story relate to our lives aswell)

Question 2

Nothing new, used Edublog for awhile now and understand it.

Question 3

I used google mostly. I read over the information and typed it into my blog.

Question 4

I looked at the toolbar from the cite I was on, copy and pasted into my edublog.

Question 5

I could have done better if I had taken more time to really research everything.

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