Narrative Poetry Mood Interpretation

This is our flipsnack Mood in Narrative Poetry presentation. Our poem that we chose was the Raven the overall mood that we decided on was that the text in the poem was mysterious. We chose mysterious because during the dead of night a Raven came tapping at the door and explained a few things that left the guy in a curious mysterious situation before he could figure out what the Raven was implying. Our theme relates to the text of the poem because since it had an overall mysterious mood, we chose to make the theme background grey, a darker colour to relate to the mood. For our images we chose to make them black and white to go along with the black raven, and the grey background which all tied in to our mysterious dark mood of the poem that we were identifying.

It was so much fun to experimenting¬† with the program. When u go into the story book u will see behind the picture there is a shadow. Yet, it didn’t have so much to do with the project I feel like doing it and being creative with it helped me completely understand how to use flipsnack.¬† This program (flipsnack) was so much fun to experiment with, and i would totally use this again for another project

Thank you -Aliyah