Reflections on the Indian Act

Before we studied Indian Act in class I knew about the outcomes of the residential schools. How they were taken from their homes and taken away from their family. Also I knew how in the government they didn’t have people name but instead they had statics cards with number.

5 ideas I learned about the Indian Act are 

  1. I learned about how being First Nations in that time was a “bad” thing
  2. That some people didn’t marry for love they married for protection and to get out of being First Nation
  3. I learned that statics is still going on today ( the system)
  4. I learned how the alcohol addition had a huge impacted in the Indian Act
  5. I learned that there still reserves standing today

One question I have is: Is residential school standing today ( not open ) . 

I am going to use this information I learned to enhance my understanding.  Enhance  my understanding and then educate others around.