Ceramics Group Project

Group members: Aliyah, Lauren, Lily, and Ricky

Here is our ceramics group project, we made a wine holder, a cheese plater, a wine cup, and a corkscrew, by using clay.

In this project, I feel like we did a really good job working together. We first were on the drawing board and decided on the idea of making dinner items and make it abstract to show others what abstract means. We all were on the same page when it came to this idea, and we started to design our dinner items.

In our group, we picked on what we wanted to make and we individually made it but we helped each other in the making of the project. I feel like this is a great way of doing a project because if someone is in need of help; the group member can work together and make something great. That’s exactly what we did; we worked together and created abstract dinner art.

An example of our group work, was when I needed help on the wine glass Lily and Lauren helped me make the base of it and we did in a way that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. Having group members in the group that have different perspectives can find an easier/ more creative ways to do things that you wouldn’t have thought of it yourself. So when I struggled to make the base the wine glasses we came together and accomplished the thing we strived to do.