Literary Reflection #1

Below is my researcher part for the book ” The Help” and the reflection

“The Help” was written in 2009 but it was written in the time of 1960s. In 1962 is when the civil right movement in the States. The civil rights movement was about African Americans. It happen because the African Americans wanted to be equal to whites, so they could have the same right for example education, employment etc. In this book so far we see that the main topic is that whites are racist when it comes to African Americans and treated like they don’t matter. Kathryn Stockett the author of this book in an interview she said that she wrote the book completely opposite from how she grew up she would never understand the way of Minnie or any of the African American character of the book. When she was younger her parents were divorced, she was raised by an African American maid, getting the idea of having a separate bathroom for a different coloured maid it actually happened to her maid, Kathryn was never in the room, even after her maid pasted always she was never allowed in the room “It was out of the back door and you turned right and there was another little door you went through”

Literature-Circle-Debriefing- Reflection 

CLE- Career Compass Project


This is an infographic on this project, showing all my research I did for my future job.


My blueprint is the main source

SMART Goal Reflection

  1. What was your goal?

My goal is achieving the Rubix cube and also achieve it under 5 minutes

  1. Did you achieve it? How or how not?

I finished learning the Rubix cube in a day and the rest of the time I worked on decreasing my time. When I first worked on the speed I did it under 20 minutes. Every day I got fast and my brain comprehended it fast. Around the first week, I decreased the time around 10 minutes. Now I am proud to say that I can do the Rubix cube in 2 minutes.

  1. What was the most challenging part of achieving your goal?

For me, the most challenging part of learning the Rubix cube was that my family around me; as I have a very competitive family; there was a competition of who can wish it first. My mom is a stay at home mom, so she had so much time to finish it, so she finished it first. Then I finished it! My dad hasn’t gotten it yet though and we make fun of him a lot for it. But the Rubix cube is not for everyone, it’s a different time of learning its more memorization and my mom and I are really good at it.

  1. What would you do differently next time?

I would try to take the Rubix cube from my mom so I would finish first

  1. Will you continue with this type of goal? If you do, explain what you will do. If not, explain why you are satisfied with where you are at.

I wouldn’t mind learning how to do the 8 by 8 Rubix cube but now my schedule has gotten busier so I would have to try to fit into my schedule.