P.E Core Competencies


The following is my Core Competencies base on my Personal Health and Wellness plan #1


What are some ways that you use to communicate your learning?

Usually showing my thoughts or sharing my learning, I love showing it from my projects. I try to use my creative thoughts to express my learning in my work.

What do you do when you disagree with someone in your group or discussion? How did you learn/develop that strategy?

Whenever I am in a group and I disagree with someone in my group, I say something so that they would see my perspective. I say it in a way where I don’t say that they are wrong but maybe like this might be better because of these reasons and then I state the reasons. I learned this strategy from experience. Whenever talking no one wants to be called wrong or being called out.  Just experience has made this strategy stick out to me and whenever I am put in a situation like this I am more aware