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1.How might your Digital footprint affected your future opportunities                                                              When you go and apply for a job, the manager will probably google search you and they can see what ever you have posted or anything, so if it is inappropriate pictures that you post they will second guess hiring you

Image result for people going for job interview     Image result for people going for job interview

2. Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

a) You could try to post friendly stuff and stay positive instead or negative

b) You can keep you account private  and only accept the people the you know to followImage result for private instagram         Image result for say positive things

3.What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them?                                                                                                                                                                  I Learned that you can see where you have been on your phone, and you can turn the location on a off, and I thought that is pretty cool because you can see where you have been, but also really creapy if someone hacks your phone.

Image result for light bulb           Image result for locations settings on



Photo #1



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One thought on “Digital Footprint

  1. Thank you for sharing your commentary on how to monitor your online use and how to maintain a credible digital footprint. Below are some observations about your post:

    – Details or explanations answer the three questions regarding responsible online use
    – Includes appropriate photos or media as instructed, just make sure you source all of the photos you use!
    – Post is completed

    Thank you,

    Mr. Barazzuol
    COL Teacher for ADL10
    Riverside Secondary School

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