Biology 11- Charles Darwin

How did the discovery of DNA prove that Darwin’s theory of evolution was correct and how does it change the way we view evolution today and into the future? Charles Darwin was a biologist who was famous for his theory on evolution. Darwins discovery of DNA backed up his theory, making it correct, it showed […]

6 Kingdoms

Eubacteria: Yersinia pestis                                              Streptococcus pneumoniae   Yersinia pestis can infect humans. Humans can get this infection through rats.  Streptococcus pneumoniae affects a lot of younger and older people with weaker immune systems. It […]

DOAS Monologues

I am a wife and mother that is very compassionate, but I wish I was better represented within my family. I view my husband Willy as someone who is constantly living in fear, but I rely on him. I just wan’t him to find happiness and be honest with his family about his financial issues. […]