Lord of the Flies- Morality Podcast

Source: https://www.allaboutphilosophy.org/morality.htm

”Author C.S. Lewis are: (1) to ensure fair play and harmony between individuals; (2) to help make us good people in order to have a good society; and (3) to keep us in a good relationship with the power that created us”.
“Those rules are the boys personal laws”.

Source: http://www.drwendyjames.com/biography/

“one dog may bark at you but it is more likely that the pack will attack you”.

Source: http://www.personalityresearch.org/papers/lumbert.removed

“In a group setting people are more likely to do things that they would not usually do…”
“ teenagers tend change their opinion just to fit into a crowd”

James, Wendy. Lord of The Flies Interview. 8 Nov. 2017


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