Capital Punishment in “Two Fisherman”

Capital Punishment is a court ordered killing of someone as punishment for a crime. In Canada, the death penalty started with crimes of murder, treason and rape in 1865. There was a plan to abolish Capital Punishment in Parliament in 1914, however they were unsuccessful. In 1962, is when the last execution took place and in 1976 is when it was removed from the Canadian Criminal Code. It was then replaced with the sentence of 25 years to life. If the hanging of Thomas Delaney took place in Canada it could have been in the 1930’s when hangings were quite frequent.

In the story “Two Fisherman” Thomas Delaney was hanged for killing someone who was attacking his wife. I think the act of violence against her is what triggered his vengeance against the attacker, which was more reactive than premeditated. From the story, I did not think he was a malicious man who was out to hurt anyone, he was defending his wife’s honour. ¬†I agree he should be punished and incarcerated for taking a life and learn from his mistakes. ¬†Hanging him would only be two wrongs which is not right.


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