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9381e048701a02ffaa455de421170f9cNo One 

Loneliness crawls in the depths of  my soul,

the emptiness as powerful as the ocean.

I can taste the cruelty of the wind,

lost in the waves of my delusion.

I find myself floating further,

drifting into the unknown,

the vision of you lost in the past,

the smell of you gone,

leaves me as “No One”

father and son

A child’s bond with their parent is something that should never be taken granted for, cherish the moments you have with your child or parent, in Harry and Sandy Chapin’s poem Cats in the Cradle they tell us a story between a son and his father. When the son wants to play or show his dad something, the father never pays attention or says he’s busy, yet his son is ok with it. But when they both get older, the dad wants to see his son, but the son does the same and tells him he’s been busy. The story is ironic because his son grew up to be just like his dad. The poem doesn’t just tell us about how important family is, but also uses a lot of figurative language. This is a closed poem with a rhyme scheme “A child arrived just the other day. He came into the world in a usual way.” The poem also uses alliteration “and the silver spoon little boy blue” The line “I’m gonna be like you, dad. You know I’m gonna be like you”. Is a great example of repetition. Harry and Sandy use an allusion in the poem where they mention a couple nursery rhymes  “Little Boy Blue, and the Man in the Moon”.  All of these devices help us connect with the poem. And understand the sadness of how their relationship came full circle. Cats in the Cradle tells us to value the time with the people we love.

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  1. Aliyah – great poem! I love the imagery. A thoughtful discussion of the composition!

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