Foods 12 Waste Plan

Reflecting on the food waste in my life I can definitely think of some scenarios in which food was wasted. Over the weekend my little sister decided to make crepes and I was asked to help her. Midway into making the batter I noticed there was a mistake made and we ended up having to […]

Safety First- A Visual Guide

Here are some tips you should know when it comes to safety 🙂 Fire: -Do not, I repeat, do not ever pour water on a flame of a grease fire. Here’s what happens when you do: (Imagine that but in your kitchen, that’s not something you would want to imagine)   -Always turn off elements […]

Individual Multiculturalism Assignment

There are many different events from different cultures celebrated by Canadians such as the Lunar New Year. This year according to my source, thousands of people turned out in Downtown Vancouver to celebrate. There was a parade with more than 3 000 participants from the community, there were lion dances, marchings bands and martial art […]

Math & Music- Inquiry Project

My topic for my inquiry project was Math and Music, and I focus mainly on the question “What is the relationship between math and music?” This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online.My further questions are how I can prove that the violin and mouthpiece designed by the golden ratio sound and […]