Abusing Our Power-English 11 H

Click the link to access my whole project: https://www.instagram.com/abusing.our.power/ How and why have you responded to, “The Crucible” in a personal, creative, and critical way? Immediately after we finished reading “The Crucible”, I decided to do my project on the abuse of power in our society. I wanted to create an Instagram page as my […]

Caffeine Assingment! -Foods 12

When I think of caffeine, the first thing that comes to my mind is not the fact that it is a dieting aid. In fact, I had not heard of this myth until the moment I sat down to do this assignment.   In the first source I read from the Healthline.com, Kris Gunnars talks […]

Foods 12-September Lab Reflection

Out of all of the labs we made in the month of September, I would have to say, the Sunflower crepes were my absolute favourite. Preparing the ingredients was quite easy due to the fact that we had already made our crepes the day before. My group assigned different roles for each person so we […]

Foods 12- True Brew

While watching the True Brew video 2 things I learned -The coffee bean is the pit of a cherry-like fruit. -Arabica beans capture the essence of which environment they were grown in. *The darker the roast the less the caffeine 1 thing I already knew -There is a difference between the sealed bag and regular […]