Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- Narrative Poem

It all started on a cold, gloomy night:


In the dead of night, Snow White heard the news,

That left her shaken to the core, thinking back for clues

How could her mother be dead? Nothing made any sense,

She was doing way better,  that’s what the doctor said


Everything moved so fast, the funeral suddenly passed,

The king met a new mistress, and introduced her to Snow at last

There stood a woman, so happy and bright,

To Snow she was pure evil, she wanted her out of sight

If her mother couldn’t be there, neither could she,

She needed her father to agree, to kick this lady out ASAP!


The mistress then became the queen, she was not bad nor extremely mean,

She wanted the best for little Snow, Snow didn’t buy it, “It’s time for her to go!”

Snow continued to torment her poor step mom,

Leaving the king angry at her actions,

So one night when the couple had fallen asleep,

Snow entered their room and stabbed the sleepy king.


The blame was put on the queen who the villagers called sinful,

“She’s putting on an act” “She’s glad to be single”,

All these rumours were spread by one,

Who wanted the kind status and fame of the queen done!


The queen knew who murdered the love of her life,

But she couldn’t bring herself to admit who held that knife,

She loved Snow White with all her heart,

She didn’t want to tear the village apart.


One day Snow White came up with a brilliant plan,

She started packing up and her crazy idea began,

She ran away from the castle and went to the village at night,

She put up “Wanted- Dead or Alive” poster signs,

In the morning she started spreading the lies, “She hired a huntsman to take my heart”,

All the villagers believed her but well you see, Some wanted the reward money for a fresh start.


Snow had to run away into the forest, lost and frightened,

She saw a pretty little cottage as small as a mouse, she decided to enter in and look for the owner

Owners? Such a little place this cottage was but it was filled to the brim,

Seven tiny chairs, seven tiny plates and seven tiny little beds,

Snow put two beds together, and fell into a deep sleep,

She woke up to the sound of men whispering in a distance


“Who’s this big giant? What’s she doing in our house?” Snow White jumped up once she saw their faces,

The cottage belonged to dwarfs,

Dwarfs who seemed very dirty with their mining gear in their hand,

Snow couldn’t believe her eyes


The dwarfs found her beautiful, they welcomed her to stay,

Snow spat out lies about the queen and made them feel sad,

The seven dwarfs trusted her and provided her with all they had,

Little did they know about Snow’s dark past


As weeks went by Snow slowly became annoyed of the little creatures,

She began to hate their messiness and their small lovely features,

She decided to kill them all one day but needed a plan,

Snow decided to poison them with apples to stop their lifespan


Snow White bought a basket of poison apples from a little old lady,

She made the apples into a pie to make it seem less shady,

Snow fed the little miners pieces of the pie,

The dwarfs seemed to enjoy it before they choked and died


Snow was so happy with herself, so selfish and vein

She forgot about her poison touch and she took a bite of the perfectly prepared pie,

Her mouth began to foam,

She felt her eyes slowly flutter shut


Several days later the queen found the body of Snow,

She placed her into a beautiful glass coffin for all to see and know,

Every day she visited her and surrounded her with flowers,

Crowds of people visited Snow almost every hour


One day a prince going by the forest decided to visit her,

He fell in love with her face and everything became a blur,

He opened up the glass door and leaned in for a kiss,

His cheeks turned rosy pink and he felt an utter bliss


The prince decided to keep Snow White all to himself,

So he ordered her to be removed from the heated glass,

He took her corpse to his castle where he cut off her head,

To keep her beauty preserved in a glass beside his bed


To this day there are many that believe Snow is alive,

That true love’s kiss broke her curse,

But little do they know that the true story,

Is heavily more twisted than this.

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