Technology Paragraph

“Do you think we are too reliant on technology?”

Technology is evolving every single second and creating new solutions to our everyday or advanced problems, therefore, causing humankind to become too dependent on it. In the video “Technology is replacing jobs. Are you ready?” it is said that in the last twenty years “Technology and globalization have wiped out millions of American jobs in manufacturing”. The problem is that manufacturing jobs are not the only jobs at risk and that high skill jobs are also being replaced by technology. Millions of people are losing their job because a machine is being built to replace them, a machine that completes the job “without ever taking a sick day or a smoke break”. People need to constantly change their career in order to keep up with the new technology. There are places such as Amazon Go replacing cashiers and grocery store workers. There are people in the world who do not have enough education nor the money to pursue higher paying jobs and can’t risk technology taking away their only opportunity at making a reasonable income. As technology evolves, so does our usage of the different machines it brings. The problem lies in the fact that we soon begin to act too dependent on the creations, putting risk to different things such as the job market.




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