Foods 12- October/ November/ December Reflection


To get into the Halloween spirit for Foods class we created wacky spooky cupcakes that had no milk or butter! The reason I chose to reflect on this lab is that it was very fun to make the cupcakes and decorate them. I enjoyed this lab very much, it was very easy. Our product at the end turned out exactly as well as we have hoped and I’m glad we didn’t over fill the muffin tins! My group worked well together as one was making the batter the others would be cleaning and washing dishes in turn saving time at the end so we didn’t have to stay for clean up at the end of class. One thing I would do differently is my decorating for my cupcakes because as much as I love how they turned out I could’ve done a better job and been more careful. This recipe will definitely be tried and loved in the Zarei household!

Here is a picture of my mise en place and my end product:)

Eggs Benedict. Probably one of the most amazing brunch dishes I’ve ever had! Everything about this dish was delicious, amazing and it looked beautiful. I’m reflecting about this lab because I absolutely LOVED IT! I went home and created it and everyone in my family also loved it. The colours go well together everything about this dish gives a significant flavour. Our product turned out pretty well minus the poached egg which I could not do at all. We had one perfect poached egg and all the other ones were not good. My group worked very well together for this lab because we multitasked, cleaned and ate and were all ready to go by the bell. If I were to do this lab again I would pay more attention when poaching the eggs because I would want them to turn out perfect.

Here is the mise-en-place and final product:

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