Foods 12-September Lab Reflection

Out of all of the labs we made in the month of September, I would have to say, the Sunflower crepes were my absolute favourite. Preparing the ingredients was quite easy due to the fact that we had already made our crepes the day before. My group assigned different roles for each person so we can get the lab done as quick as we can without any mistakes being made. I was in charge of cutting up the scallions and shredding the cheese, I was the dishwasher that day so washing the dishes was also one of my responsibilities. I think what made my group work so well together was the fact that we were willing to switch roles if we needed and or we would help each other when one was stuck during a task.

I enjoyed this lab a lot, not only was it a smooth lab and easy to follow, the end product was amazing. Ours got a little stuck to the pan but that was because some of our crepes ended up falling apart during the folding process. The sunflower crepes ended up being the most amazing tasting brunch type dish I have ever had. They were crispy and crunchy because of the crepes, soft cheesy and gooey because of the egg and cheese and the bacon and scallions added a whole new level of goodness to the dish. I was quite disappointed that our group’s dishes didn’t turn out perfect, but it was yummy so I am not complaining.

I chose this lab to reflect on because it was my favourite and it was easy and fun to make. If I were to do this lab again I would make the group get the bacon going as fast as we can, and I would also make sure the crepes don’t break so our end product does not stick to the pan.

This was the first lab in which we remembered to take a picture of our mise en place and show it to Mr.Brett. Here is the photo of our mise en place:

And after all the preparing, cooking and baking, here is the picture of our final product:

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