Foods 12 Waste Plan

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Reflecting on the food waste in my life I can definitely think of some scenarios in which food was wasted. Over the weekend my little sister decided to make crepes and I was asked to help her. Midway into making the batter I noticed there was a mistake made and we ended up having to throw the batter away hence wasting potential ingredients to make delicious crepes. One evening when getting pho with my family, I ended up picking a medium sized bowl which left me with a lot of food leftover and since I was sick of the taste of Pho my mom just told me to throw it away hence wasting the dish. I think the areas I could improve on is finishing my lunch at lunchtime so it doesn’t get dumped in the garbage once I get home. I could improve on overlooking and checking recipes to make sure I’m making something properly so the ingredients don’t go to waste. I could also improve on not picking up more food in my plate then my stomach has space for therefore lessening the chance of some of the leftovers on my plate going in the trash. A feasible action plan to cut down on my waste would have to start with me finishing everything on my plate and if I do not then to save it for some other time in the day in which time I could potentially get hungry and finish it. Also I will start to take portions of food little by little so I don’t end up with food not finished.

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