Let It Shine 2002-Rube Goldberg Project

Rube Goldberg Project, a project that took me about 8 hours in total to complete and 2 hours was just spent fixing the last step of the project over and over. When we started this project I thought to myself “This won’t be that hard” I was quite wrong. Even though my project was not that big, it took a lot of trial and error to make it finally succeed.

My project is called “Let It Shine 2002”, it has the end task of shining the lights surrounding the board.

Here is a drawing with the steps labelled of my design:


The project will start off with me pushing the dominoes on the top (A) and the dominoes will start to go off and eventually hit the Jenga block standing in between the dominoes and the tinfoil ball (B). The tinfoil ball will then roll off hitting the other tinfoil ball on the bottom (C). The ball at point C will go through the hole, roll off the slanted base and hit the ball at point D. That ball will then fall into the cup (E) and make the other cup rise up hitting the popsicle stick (F). The popsicle stick will rise from one side making it go down on the other and this will make the ball at point G fall into the cup. This ball will hit the sensor that will turn on the lights around the board. (H)

When the dominoes are hit by my hand and start going off that is kinetic motion energy when it hits the Jenga it slightly moves the Jenga transferring the energy into the ball that has gravitational energy. As it falls down to hit the other ball, the ball has it’s potential energy transfer to kinetic motion energy as rolls of the slanted base and hits the ball that falls into the cup creating a motion energy as it hits the other popsicle stick making the ball at point G fall into the cup. The ball at point G has its gravitational energy transfer to kinetic and it falls down and the conducting power that the tinfoil has causes the sensor of the lights to go off (electrical energy) turning on the lights which is light energy.

Here is a video of the project:

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