Making Babies- Science 10

This is my child Rosie Z, she has light brown skin, wavy hair and almond eyes. She has freckles on her cheek and short thick lips. She has a round face with a very prominent square chin. a. How does the coin flip relate to the probability of inheriting genetic conditions?  There is a 50% […]

Conflicts in Canada

List of different conflicts Canada was involved in the 20th century: 1938 Bloody Sunday- Canadians involved, it was the conclusion of a month-long strike by unemployed men at the main office in Vancouver, it provoked a criticism of police brutality. 1939 – 1945 Second World War-European and Asians, lots died,  had an impact on the world. 1979 October […]

Breaking the Rule-Narrative Essay-Corrections

This is an embedded Microsoft Office document, powered by Office Online.   I think overall the essay I wrote was structurally well written. Two things I did well on were my Rule of 3’s Parallelism and also I kept my essay interesting, making the reader enjoy and smile at what they were reading. Two things […]