Dystopian Poem-Corrections

My Perfect Life


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock’s beep,

 Oh, how happy I am to have another day to live

I love how I always get just the right amount of sleep,

My older brother likes to complain but I haven’t seen him in a week


Get up now, no more time to think

Ugh why does this keep happening to me?

I’m not supposed to be writing this, but I somehow stole this ink

I wanted to write about how perfect my life has been


Anyone who fails to get up in the next 5 seconds, will receive a punishment”

5,4,3,2,1” and I’m up in fear of banishment

I sometimes like to wait until the last second to get up, it gives me quite the thrill

I don’t think anyone ever stays in bed enough to not be following the drill


I walk through the hallway and so do my mom and dad

I see them staring at my brother’s room, they seem so sad

No one says a word and we go about our day,

I wonder how he’s doing, I hope he’s okay


I like to read history books, books about the past

How humans screwed up and left quite the mess

The wars, guns, and racism why were we so bad?

Good thing I can confidently say there is no more of that.


It’s sunlight time” I rush out the door and into the street,

the smell of metal rusting is so pleasing to me

The walls surrounding my house were so tall and dark they could almost touch the moon

I can sometimes hear kids on the other side, I hope to meet them soon


I wonder what it would be like to have a friend?

No that’s silly we would probably be enemies by the end.

Do not exit the walls, do not communicate, do not think”

That’s how the rules have always been


I personally like them because with these rules

We’ve managed to create the perfect society

No one is harming anyone, no one is allowed

Thanks to our ear chips, we have learned to live quietly


We’ve been raised to listen to what is announced in our ear,

We’ve been told about the punishments and we’ve grown to fear

The outside world is not built for us, we manage to destroy it

So, we are stuck inside, isolated, no one to annoy us


Sunlight time’s over, nap time” But today I’m not tired enough to nap,

I’ll stay up and finish writing this once I go to bed

As I enter my room, I can smell something divine

I’m suddenly getting sleepier, I’ll just finish this another time


I go under the covers, and I close my eyes to sleep

No voices are heard, not one peep









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