Float Your Boat

While getting set up and syncing everything for class today, Ms.Kim introduced what we were doing in class today. We were told we would be given 1 piece of aluminum foil(20cm x 15cm),1 piece of masking tape (15cm), 2 toothpicks and 2 mini marshmallows. Our task was to create a boar that can float on water and will hold the most number of pennies.

My group and I decided to recreate a paper boat as you can see in the picture above, we decided to go with old fashioned and for our boat to actually look like a boat. Our hypothesis was that if we create a boat in the shape that we did then with the right amount of balance between the placement of the pennies our boat will not sink because of it’s shape and stability.

In the end our hypothesis was rejected and our boat was the one with the least amount of pennies held, the balance between the placement of the pennies onto the boat did help our boat stay up a little bit more than  it would have without the balance and in the end our boat that we named the “Titanic”(Not a coincidence at all that it was the first one to sink)  was able to hold 20 pennies. I don’t think any errors could have been made but maybe the rubber duckies falling into the water could disturb the boat stability. If I were to do this again I would pick another shape for my boat such as a square or rectangle because every other group did that shape and their boats held up pretty well.

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