The Effect of You- Mini Inquiry Project

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The Effect of You


Although it may sound childish to say,

But the truth is before you, I had never felt this way.

I was living life bottled up, emotionless

I was as cold as ice, full of fear but yet acting



Yes, my heart was still beating

And yes, I continued living

But I didn’t feel right,

I had lost all my hope, and I wanted to end the fight.


My mind, an empty space

My heart, broken.

Then I saw your smile on that very first day,

And my heart was now stolen.


Why was it that every time I thought of you I smiled?

Your name and voice engraved in my head.

Even though I only saw you once in while

I still did not manage to forget you.


I feared forever forgetting your voice,

I feared texting way to quick and weirding you out,

I told you my past fears but I didn’t dare mention those,

You helped me through it all, you were glad to help me grow.


I started to notice I was more attached to my phone,

Just so I would see your text as soon as it showed.

My whole purpose had become to be noticed by you,

Staring at my screen for hundreds of years until your text came through.


They say,

How does the influence of others impact our own lives?

In my case, my only positivity in life was you!

 A sappy one sided love story


Now it has been an eternity of texting and yet I am still not over you,

The truth is I cannot and will not choose to forget you.

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,

You will forever be a part of me.




“The Effect of You” written by Alhan Zarei brings up the topic of one sided love, she touches on the subject of how someone can be at a very dark place in their life when they meet the person they fall for. This piece briefly talks about the inquiry question, “How does the influence of others impact our own lives?” She tries to answer this question in the poem by saying how in her case, her crush has been helping her become a better person which to me means that the influence others have in our lives do not necessary always have to be negative. This piece is full of emotion, Ms. Zarei has tried to portray all the feelings a person might feel when they’re in love; the happiness, the fears and the hope. Without using the word, we can imagine how in love she is with this mystery guy, “Staring at my screen for hundreds of years until your text came through” This line is talking about how she can not put down her phone in fear that he will text back and she would miss having him online at the same time as her. “The truth is I cannot and will not choose to forget you.” This is my favourite line where Ms. Zarei talks about how she is choosing not to forget the guy. Overall this is a very relatable poem when it comes to love and it is certainly loved by all my colleagues and I.


One thought on “The Effect of You- Mini Inquiry Project

  1. Alhan – your poem is interesting… but it seems to me that there is more going on than the rationale indicates. Stanza five seems to have some contradictions that don’t seem purposeful…
    A very good performance of your poem in the video!

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