Chili Cook Off

The members of our group are: Alhan Z, Michela C, Odett M

Our group decided to create a Chili which had an umami taste which allowed us to add all the flavours including sweet, salty, sour and tangy. The combination of these flavours made it easy to please everyone’s palletes.

We started off day 1 by researching for our perfect chili recipe that would suit our group. We wanted something that was different yet at the same time it would have a familiarity to it. At first we felt that we had found the perfect recipe until we realized it did not have meat and we wanted our recipe to have meat. After searching a little bit more, we came across a recipe that we thought would be just perfect if we added honey to it. (For sweetness) Alhan worked on converting the recipe and we all worked together to work on the chili cookoff outline.

Day 2, Alhan was missing but our group managed to get her to email us the recipe so Michela and Odett could start preparing our ingredients for when we are cooking tomorrow. We also had the demo for the cheese braid.

Day 3 was cooking the chili for the cookoff. We noticed that the chili was too thick at first so we had to add extra broth after Ms.Keating told us that the chili should be thinner. When tasting our chili our group was really impressed with what was being made and really enjoyed to flavours we tasted. We could really taste the sweet and spicy mixture. Our cleanup for the end of the day went well considering we all worked together to get everything as clean as possible in little time.

Day 4 was the day! The cookoff! We were really excited to show the judges what we got. It all started with getting our chili out from the refrigerator and quickly got it into a pot to start re heating it on low heat for about 30 min. Then we proceeded with mixing our ingredients for the cheese braid. We made a little accident and used baking soda instead of baking powder but it didnt turn out as bad we thought it was going to be. This is the first time we used the oven to bake something so we didnt really know how the oven tempature would be. Our cheese braid was in the oven for 13 min until we looked at it and it looked alittle burnt. Our group is convinced its the oven because the recipe clearly said bake for 15-20 minutes so we even undercooked our cheese braid. We then proceeded to make our chili as presentable as we could. This was the final look :

The judges really liked our 2 special ingredients which were honey for the sweetness and worchestershiare sauce which gave it kind’ve a vingeretty tangy taste to our chili. Sadly, one judge couldn’t have our chili due to the seafood in the worchestershiare sauce. Overall our chili was the best we could do for our group and doesnt matter the placings we liked our chili and are proud of it because this is the first time we all have made chili and even the first time for Alhan to even taste chili.

Here is our chili cookoff outline:

FN-10-Chili-Cook-Off-Outline copy-15q0bc3

Here is our recipe:

the amazing umami beef chili-2m9t9nj

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