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  1. With the democracy part, you’re talking about Canada’s new government system, that’s not really part of the American Revolution. But when you think about a vote, did the American Congress ever hold a vote with the people?
    You need some more details on how this is a revolution. What was so revolutionary? What evidence is there that this is a rebellion? Needs to refer more to the history.
    When you look at the causes of the American Revolution, are there examples of how we can justify fighting against a government?
    The third part of the second question was asking if rebelling against your government was different in Canada and other places. Do we ever need to fight? Does the government listen to us?
    For the last question, focus on identity. What are Americans like? What are Canadians like? How does the American Revolution help set up parts of our identity. How do Americans like to deal with problems? How does Canada deal with different cultures?
    For next, time try to use more historical events in your discussion.

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