One thought on “Virtual Museum Organizer- Video discussion 1

  1. Imperialism is the idea that you take more territory for the resources. Think about the effects this had on North America, it brought it to 4 wars in about 80 years. But maybe the valuable part of it was the beginnings of North Americans to accept other perspectives, especially after the Seven Years war when they created the Treaty of Paris that gives a lot of freedoms to the “conquered” French.
    For the French, you need to explain how the Royal Proclamation took a lot of rights away from the French, but they were then reinstated by the Quebec Act.
    Would you say that putting aside territory for the Aboriginals is fair?
    D) was supposed to be about the Seven Years War. Does the British takeover of New France have any significance for us today?
    For E), think more about our identity. We discussed our sense of multiculturalism and acceptance, how did the Seven Years War contribute to that or how did it give us an opportunity to practice that?

    For next time, spend a bit more time trying to understand the historical content first. You guys make good reference to specific details so keep that up.

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