Industrial Revolution

Ted Talk:


Alhan’s Organizer:


Maebel’s Organizer:




Slight note:

The reason why this Ted Talk wasn’t filmed at the same time is because of me getting very sick and not being able to meet up with Maebel because she was going to Tokyo. I tried my best to blend it in and make it look professional but it could have certainly looked better. The Ted Talk might have also been published later than others but that is because I thought I could post this by Saturday but I was still in bed and threw up every time I stood up, all that throwing up had made my eyes red. My parts of the Ted Talk were filmed today (Sunday) and I am still in process of editing hopefully the Ted Talk will be up soon.

Update: Monday 11:16am I am in the process of editing because I stayed up last night to finish it but I couldn’t I’m very sorry I will finish soon.

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