My SSEP Experience

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1) Define

We had to come up with an experiment that can be tested in microgravity and could benefit the research for future space developments.

What is microgavity?

Microgravity is the state where there is a very weak amount of gravity, therefore making astronauts and objects float when they reach that state.

What are controlled and experimental groups?

Controlled groups don’t change anything and don’t recieve a variable while the experimental groups change a variable/ recieve a variable to see if the outcome will be different. The controlled group results are compared to the experimental group results.

What are ways to have our experiment win out?

We had the idea of choosing something unique no one had chosen before.


2) Dream

At first I had no idea what to write but as we got to brainstorming, ideas just came pouring out. Here is the brainstorm we had about a list of experiments we could have done but I did change my group after brainstorming was done so this wasn’t my final brainstorm.


My next group wanted to do some experiments that were too hard and impossible, we wanted to see if an egg will develop in space. We also wanted to send a caccoon to space to see if it will still develop.


3) Document

We found out about the SSEP experiment on the first day of class, and we got taught more about it during the next few weeks.

From my whole group, I only got to go to the Heritage Woods workshop but it was quite interesting and it helped me bring new ideas to my group.

Here is a video of the Heritage Woods experience:

We stopped brainstorming one week after the workshop but my group could not decide on what to pick but eventually we picked an idea.

Next was putting the proposal together and it was quite a hard process, wanting to get everything perfect and trying to get our proposal to exceed all expectations in every section.


4) Design and Deliver

We learnt about the opportunity of having our experiment be sent to space and I was quite excited for this opportunity because it did not sound like anything I heard before.

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After brainstorming, we got divided into groups and started researching different experiments that won in the past. The experiment I researched was the fermentation of grapes in microgravity. Overall my group worked great together and we got our job done on time.

Next we picked a team and I chose to go with people I would have never went with, but I actually quite enjoyed it. We had so many different ideas such as hatching an egg in space or putting a caccoon to see if it will develop. At first we also reached out to Jordan Hzu to ask him about nanoparticles because we haven’t heard of that before but at the end we chose to do an experiment that tests out the corrosion of an iron nail when exposed to sulphuric acid in microgravity.








Next we wrote our proposal and that process was hard, organizing different jobs so everyone did something and we got it all done by time was a difficulty for us. It was almost like one day passed and it was suddenly due the next day. We tried our best to explain why having an iron nail tested in space would give us some answers but we definitely could have improved our proposal.


5) Debrief

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Overall the experience was unique and I was quite excited for all of it. As a group we could have picked an idea faster and could have focused more in class. The process was hard and challenging but it was alright. If I were to do this experiment again I would try harder with the research and start earlier on the proposal, I would like to thanks Mr. Robinson for giving us the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be professinal experimenters.

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