~Currents From The Kitchen~

Prediction: Which fruit will produce the most electric voltage? a. My prediction is that a lemon will produce the most electric voltage. b. Because the lemon is the most acidic thing we are testing. Materials: We used an apple, grape, lemon and orange. Also two wires, two galvanized nails and a voltage meter. Document the […]

My SSEP Experience

1) Define We had to come up with an experiment that can be tested in microgravity and could benefit the research for future space developments. What is microgavity? Microgravity is the state where there is a very weak amount of gravity, therefore making astronauts and objects float when they reach that state. What are controlled […]

Everything I Know About Exponents

1) Represent repeated multiplication with exponents A repeated multiplication can be represented into an exponent because the number of times you multiply is the number that represents the exponent and the number that you are repeatedly multiplying would be the base. 2) Describe how powers represent repeated multiplication Powers are an expression made of a […]