~My Digital Footprint~

Digital footprint, everyone has one whether they know of it or not. It’s something most people don’t have complete control over, It’s a database that could affect everyday opportunities.

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When I searched my name online the first thing that popped up was my Facebook account and when I went to images there were no photos of me.

How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give at least two examples

Since your digital footprint is a build up of things that represent you, the two most crucial opportunities that can be affected are the university or school you go to and also a future job/ career.
Universities and schools check your digital footprint and if there are things present that are considered negative then your chance at getting accepted will be gone or decreased.

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Imagine this, you are 20 years old and are going for a job interview. This job is to help you be able to pay off student loans or help pay for that fancy car you wanted. The interview goes well but suddenly you are informed that you didn’t receive the job. What could have gone wrong? You did everything right! Although this could happen because the job position might have not been right for you, it could also be the fact that most jobs search your digital database and if there are any negative behaviours on there chances are they are going to cross your name off the list.

Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe

There are many different ways to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe,
1) Check privacy settings on sites
Many sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have privacy options that could make your account private so first thing to do is turn that on.

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2) Never share personal info
Your address or phone number should not be public for everyone to see and your photos (those selfies you took with your best friend that day you guys went to the mall) should be put on private if posted.

3) Thinking before typing
Anger can result in a lot of negative tweets or texts to a certain person, anytime you are over emotional you shouldn’t be tweeting about it. Think before typing that negative comment to that girl/guy or posting that status that is only making you look stupid.

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4) Keep private personal life private
No one needs to know what school you go to by reading your Instagram bio and no one needs to find out what you had for lunch today. Keep things that are meant to be kept private, private!

5) Delete old accounts that you don’t use anymore
I know for a fact that as a small child with a laptop in my hand I used to make lots of different accounts for gaming, but as I grew up they are now a lost database of me that I don’t have access to because I forgot the password. Deleting old accounts is good because if you aren’t going to use it, why leave it there?

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What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them?

I’ve learned that we shouldn’t post about our private lives and people should think before posting because it can affect future opportunities that life has to offer.
I would tell the students probably by just asking them to google themselves and see if they are pleased and okay with the results.

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