Capital Punnishment

Capital Punishmentt
Two Fishermen -by

This is a photo taken before the hanging of Kreis Kaplitz. He was hung on January 2nd in 1946 for killing 5 American airmen in Landsberg Germany.


Capital punishment also known as death penalty, is the legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime. In pre confederation Canada, many criminal offences were punishable by death until the last two men where hung in 1962.

If the story Two Fisher Men took place in Canada, it probably would have been in the 1920’s. I think this because of how the hanging was described, in the 1950’s death penalty’s would happen in jails in front of small groups involved in the case. In the story two fishermen the hanging is shown to the whole town, and I understand why they eventually made hangings privet events after reading this story because of the way the public could react. Another reason why I think this happened I the 1920’s is because it didn’t seem like their was much of an investigation into the details of this case. We have no idea if Thomas’ wife actually got raped or if that is just his side of the story.

Personally I do not think Thomas Delaney should have been hung because as far as we know he was just defending his wife. I personally don’t support capital punishment so I wouldn’t support the idea of killing someone for any reason but we don’t even know if he killed intentionally, or if it was an accident, and I don’t understand how anyone could execute a person when they don’t have all the facts first. Even if it wasn’t an accident Thomas Delaney was trying to save his wife from a rapist! Jail is one thing but hanging someone who was protecting their family is another

Food Critic

This Cactus is nothing but warm and cozy 
“Yes, it’s expensive and trendy but the staff was really, really friendly and the food was out of this world, insanely delicious!”

If your near the Vancouver English Bay Area The Cactus Club is the perfect place to go for dinner. The English bay location is my personal favourite because of the warm, modern city vibe. There is nothing better than enjoying a meal next to a beautiful view of English Bay and their cozy booths and kind staff make each visit comfortable and set a perfect atmosphere for a celebration or close gathering. My family has come to the cactus club on many occasions and have never been let down. Service is spectacular and although prices are generally high the food is delicious and they are very understanding when it comes to altering dishes for different diets. I find it very helpful being a vegan myself when a restaurant can compromise for vegans, vegetarians and even gluten free customers. They make everyone feel included and with endless options like creamy butternut squash ravioli, and crunchy caramelized onion flat bread your guaranteed to enjoy every bite. My favourite entree is the modern bowel, it’s a mix if rice, avocado, salsa ginger sauce and other delicious yet healthy ingredients. If your ever wondering about what options they have for your diet, check out their website the website also includes nutritional information for all of their entree’s and appetizers which could really come in handy. So wether you have a special diet like me, or just want to make memories and eat some good food I highly recommend the cactus club.


Math10 Week17

My Top 5 Most Helpful Things I Learned a in Math 10:

1. Flower power: this was an important rule for me because it was so important when I needed to convert a power with a fraction to a radical. It’s also very easy to remember so it made converting very easy for me.

2. SOHCAHTOA: this saying made trigonometry much less scary and much easyer to do. As long as you remember what the oposit, adjacent, and hypotenuse is SOHCAHTOA should most of the work for you.

3. Area Diagrams: for me area diagrams made polynomials so much easyer because instead of having to draw and colour algebra tiles u can just make a diagram and it’s so much faster too!

4. Slant height: the equation to find the slant height is SO IMPORTANT because it’s not on the equation sheet so youu need to know it yourself .

5. Rational and Ireational: this is I rant becouse you pretty much have to memorize the groups in the rational number group, and then the erational number group is easy because there is only one group.

Math10 Week17

This week we learned substitution. To use substitution you have to re arrange one of the equations into y intercept form. You then put the new equation into the X spot in one of the original equations where the Y is and and that’s how you solve for y. When you get your answer put it into the y spot in one of the origin equations and solve for X. You can then verify your answers by putting the X and Y intercepts into the original equations and make sure they are true for both.