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WWI Cartoon

  1. a. Serbia, b. Austria, c. Russia, d. Germany, e. France, f. Britain

2)  The theme of the blue circles is because of nationalism, between Serbia and Russia, who Russia was for it because it allowed for access to the mediterranean, and between France and Britain they are tied together because of Imperialism, however all of them are tied together because they all choose to go against the two who formed dual alliance (Austria and Germany and eventually a triple alliance with the Italians) thats why b and d are yellow circles is because its them against the other four because of their alliance, and largely pitted against the other four as well because Germany and Britain (opposite colours) were always in a battle/race to retain the empire majority.

3) The theme of this one is nationalism because Serbia was one of the nations in the Balkans that wanted its own independence, to be a nation state. Even deepened more when Austrias Archduke Franz Franklin was assassinated by a Serbian citizen because of Bosnian Nationalism, which caused Austria to send an ultimatum to Serbia who did not comply, causing Austria to declare war.

4) The theme of this is Imperialism between all these countries (Germany, France, Britain) who are all connected through a power struggle of land. Germany and Britain are always in (tightest race) a race to conquer the most amount of land for their empires, they are all connected because of their race for africa. Germany and France were dulling over that after the Franco-Prussian war that lost France Alsace-Lorraine, which found France seeking revenge, and Britain was involved because Germany had to pass through Britains extensive navy, which didnt want Germany to get by because of there race to top each others land area.

5) The theme of this is because of Germany and Britain’s arms race to top the navy incase of a battle, (theme of militarism).

6) This cycle represents Serbia killing Austria’s archduke which caused Austria to declare war on Serbia and since Russia and Germanys Reinsurance Treaty was not renewed before WWI  they didn’t side with Germany because they had formed a triple entente with France and Britain, which comes into play when France orders a general mobilization after Germany joined the war on August 1st to back up Austria. (After chart) Since Italy had broken the triple alliance between themselves, Austria and Germany when a war had been declared between Austria and Serbia, Germany decided to declare war on Italy, then invaded neutral Belgium the next day, which Britain thought was unfair so they declared war on Germany, and Italy eventually sided on the triple entente side.

7) a. This cartoon shows a Siberian perspective, how they are always picked on and how Austria deserved it because they finally stood up for themselves which caused this large outfall between everyone, and how their assassination was justified because they were always getting picked on, even though they were so small.

b. Serbia is depicted as a child because they are considered little because they were little in sense of navy/ ability to protect, the triple entente was formed between Russia (who has ties to Serbia because they want access to Mediterranean), France, and Britain (strongest navy). When the war happened the triple entente was there to sort of protect serbia as a threat, because it was basically everyone against Germany and Austria.

c. It sort of makes sense not really ironic or sarcastic for the most part its realistic when comparing the treaties/alliances between the countries which can be seen as a relationship (like a friendship) although ironic because some of them were completely against each other, other than that it is just describing the relationships between the countries.


The Trouble with Water

  1. The reason water conservation is necessary in Canada is because Canada is such a large supplier of our worlds freshwater. We need to keep enough for the rest of the world who buys it from us, and also for ourselves so that its not so incredibly expensive (and also because its not evenly distributed so all of Canada needs to be taken care of), and especially because expensive water equates to expensive energy. Just because we have a lot of water right now doesn’t mean it will last to the end of time so being mindful with our water can help the future in a great way, for example could you imagine if every single person in Canada left their taps running for 20 extra minutes every day that would be millions of litres wasted that has to go through the energy consuming process of being treated again.

a) (something I already do to conserve water) Fill up large water bottles with tap water (can be warm) and cool in fridge so I don’t have to let a bunch of water down the drain while waiting to get colder water

b) (something new trying to implement in house) I now am more aware when washing clothes during laundry that I should be filling it even more sometimes I don’t even really check but there is definitely more room sometimes that can easily fit some extra pieces of clothing.


Poverty Cycle Intervention

1. It would be best to intervene at the point of cant afford medication, although as we discussed in class it would be impossible to make it free or very unlikely because so many people are in need it could be taken out of taxpayers money to contribute to funding for that, because that is part of why the population is rising in some parts of the world they want a kid that will survive but HIV highly reduces the span of life if they dont have access to the medications to control it. They could even offer it at a heavily discounted price to its just clearly not affordable right now for the places that suffer from a high prevalence.

2. It would be best to intervene at child works endlessly to make money for basic needs, because that is the one that determines the rest of their lives basically. If the kids don’t have time for education or even play they won’t develop skills that are nessacary to advancing in life, mainly because they will have low literacy. To fix it they should open those places like we saw in the documentary the ones by UNICEF that make in mandatory that employers give them a couple hours to go hangout and live like a kid, although it is practically impossible to fully erase child labour that would definitely start to get more kids out of that cycle.

3.It would be best to intervene at arn’t aloud to go to school, I think school should be allowed for every kid they don’t know what they are missing out on and how it can set them back in the future, a way to fix this could be having rules put in place by government that are enforced that make all girls schools for special hours because then they still can help out at home and get an education it is a comprise for the parents that don’t think they have time at all so they will more likely want to send them.

Population Distribution Questions

Pessimists/Malthusians: Negative outlookers on the worlds population, that we would run out of food, and countries would face disease and potential war however this was before medical advances were taken into place.

Neo Malthusians:People who believe that the world will run into disaster, especially in the developing countries, and there is no way of stopping the disaster that will soon occur in 50 years. Africa is the most at risk, and overpopulation will eventually lead to major deaths due to starvation, disease, and war.

Optimists/cornucopians: People who have hope and faith that we can adapt to earths growing population, using increased globalization tactics to create more equal food and other resources around to countries who are developing.

After watching the two documentaries it became clear that the videos showed off two different viewpoints on our population distribution. The first video called “Kenya’s Human Time Bomb” has a neo malthusian point of view. The people of the video do have a negative outlook on the future and even the now of their population, they are overtaken by violence already, and the overcrowded schools (see 8:50) in the nation is leading for more boys to stray towards militia which is just starting a downward spiral and the people of the land are helpless. Brutal murders are only making matters worse and can be seen as a valid point in their predictions of a potential war (civil war) between the people of africa, and with that deaths will be inevitable as hospitals are already overcrowded on a regular day (see 5:10). Its causing people to flee and take refuge within their country. A lot of people recognize not a lot is being done to help and therefore they have lost hope, and that is why I think they are in the neo malthusian category. In the second TED talk video the man says he is neutral but I tend to see him as more of an optimist. He sees the plan of the world and where our population is going but he hasn’t given up yet, thats why he’s giving this ted talk in the first place, he recognizes that large funding organizations for developing countries can make changes ( 8:30) and that child survival in those countries will contribute to solving our future dilemma.



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