What I’ve Learnt About Grade 9 Inequalities

What is an inequality? 

An inequality is an equation that has two different values which don’t relate. One is bigger or smaller than the other.

For example 5 < -2

The symbols:

The symbols to express greater than or less than are > and <

If you want to say that it’s greater and equal to or less than and equal to the signs are ≥ and ≤

How to graph it:

If we had 5 > x you would put it on a number line

——————-|—————– (5 would go where the line is)

Since the statement is saying 5 is greater than x the arrow would be going to the right

Another thing is that you put a small circle over the line and depending if its greater/ less than or greater/ less than or equal to the circle will either be filled in or not. If it’s greater/ less than or equal to the circle is coloured in.

Tips to help you:

  • in inequalities make sure whatever you do to one side of the equation you must do it to the other side
  • remember BFSD (Brackets, Fractions, Sort, Divide) this will guarantee the equation will work
  • when dividing a number that is negative make sure you flip the signs


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