Blog Log #1 – In God Alone

Essay: Category: Empathy and Compassion The environment that he is in is the main reason that he ends up dying. Because of the cold, the fact that he becomes wet and then freezes, is ultimately what ends up being his demise. If he were in a different environment, the cause of his death would have […]

Community Connections

For this project I chose to interview a close family friend, Christina Cameron. She is a grade 7 and 8 teacher at Citadel Middle School. Why are you passionate about your job? I am passionate about my job because I believe teachers can have an amazing impact on the lives of their students, not just […]

Grade 9 Midterm Interview

Looking back at your first semester, what are some things you enjoyed or/are proud of? Describe any meaningful experiences you’ve had. Some things that I am proud of from my first semester are some videos that we made for my Conversations 10 class. Especially the final project, the 10-12 minute TV show that we made. […]

Solution Fluency

DEFINE What is the challenge you’ve been given? The problem that our group had decided to address was the lack of electricity, and the inaccessibility that people have to electricity in certain countries. For example, Saul and his family. When skyping with Saul this previous time, we were a bit shocked to find out the […]

Mutation Story

Solution Fluency  ASK What questions was I trying to answer? The question that I was trying to answer through my research, was what genes were connected and related to Crohn’s Disease and what exactly that gene controlled in their hosts body. So my answers to those questions was the gene NOD2 and what that gene […]

Modeling Mitosis Lab

This diagram represents the cell when it is in a stage called interphase. When a cell is interphase it functions as it normally should.           This diagram represents the cell when it is in a stage of mitosis called prophase. When a cell is in the prophase stage of mitosis, the […]

Edible DNA Lab

For this lab, we had to assemble (using candy) a DNA strand. The liquorice represented the back bones of the DNA strand, so the sugar and phosphate. The marshmallows represented the chemical bases, and each different marshmallow color represented a different one. Green represented Guanine, pink represented Cytosine, yellow represented Adenine, and orange represented Thymine. […]

Currents in the Kitchen Lab

Purpose: Which fruit creates the most electric voltage? Hypothesis: Previously posted in a separate post. Materials (fruits that were used): Orange Lemon Banana Potato Procedure: First each fruit was tested with 3V, and then with 15V, except for the potato that was only tested with 3V. Observations: When the fruits were tested with 3V, they […]