Currents in the Kitchen Lab

Purpose: Which fruit creates the most electric voltage? Hypothesis: Previously posted in a separate post. Materials (fruits that were used): Orange Lemon Banana Potato Procedure: First each fruit was tested with 3V, and then with 15V, except for the potato that was only tested with 3V. Observations: When the fruits were tested with 3V, they […]

Podcast #3 – Le meurtre de Dorothy Scott

*IMPORTANT* Pour les raisons inconnues, la théorie de Morgan peut seulement être entendu avec un écouteur. Je ne sais pas si c’est seulement mes écouteurs, mais s’il vous plaît écoute notre podcast avec deux écouteurs. Merci! Ça c’est notre troisième et malheureusement dernier podcast dans la série de Garder un Secret! Le meurtre de Dorothy Scott! La […]

Electricity Mind Map

I wonder… How do electrical panels work? How is a static shock created, like when you touch somebody? What is electrical resistance? Electrical currents definition? More ways to conserve electricity? Voltage? How is electricity created? How do transformers, the boxes you see outside, work?  

TOKTW 2017

For TOKTW 2017 I went to work with my dad. Name of your host: Darren Darwin Relationship to you: Father. 1. What is your job title? Electrical Contractor. 2. What is your job description? Electrician. 3. What are the duties and/or tasks you perform at your job? Installing lighting, wiring, control panels and system installation […]