Qui l’a fait? – Core Competencies – Médias et Communication Numérique 11

What are some ways that you use to communicate your learning? (Communication)

My group members and I, as required by the requirements of the project, demonstrated our learning through social media platforms. This is definitely a different way of showing our learning compared to common methods previously used, ie: PowerPoint, Sway, Prezi, etc. It was very interesting to use medias such as Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok as this is a new way to show our learning that has just recently been incorporated into our classes in the past couple of years.

How does your artefact tie in with what you have learned before? How has your thinking changed? What made it change? (Critical Thinking)

I believe that the purpose of this project was to broaden our horizons to have the ability to see different perspectives. It definitely achieved that, as my group partners and I had to analyze the classic childhood story of Hansel and Gretel, but from the perspective of the witch. Not only that, but show her perspective as the witch being innocent and Hansel and Gretel being the villains. This lesson, highlighting perspective, was a good reminder that there are always several different perspectives and versions of events to every situation.

What helps you get new ideas? (Creative Thinking)

Being able to use social media platforms as a way to demonstrate our learning definitely helped with the creative aspect of the project. There are constantly new ideas being uploaded and trending on social media, especially with Tik Tok currently at a peak in popularity. My group members and I also collaborated on everything. We planned the project before we started so if someone was struggling with an aspect of their part or coming up with an idea, we were able to brainstorm and help and support each other.

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