Blog Log #3 – Roll Away the Stone


Category: Humanism

This essay interested me, specifically this category, because I am fascinated by the actions of human beings towards others, the reasoning behind it, and the thought process before an action.

For this essay, I love the vocabulary that she used, such as “compels, eager, restoration, profound, sensible, necessity, and sufficient.” I really enjoy literature when this kind of vocabulary is used. I found her simile very revealing to her way of thinking and I thought it illustrated her ideas and beliefs well.

The connections that I made with my life are that I share similar beliefs to hers. I too believe that all are born with pure hearts, wanting to find happiness in life, provide others with it. It is through the struggles of life and hardships that we can succumb to evil and harm, not that we are born with that intent in our hearts. I really connected to this essay and to this belief in a lot of aspects.

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