Replacing You with I

Its revolutionary they said,

or so we thought.

It will do no harm,

although that happens a lot.


Its never not been about having more than the rest,

and so that’s what we do,

we work without rest.

Which gives us less time with those we love,

so we will instead tap a button and send a virtual hug.


We guess why those devices are favoured over all,

when it’s because you’ve been replaced.

Put on the back shelf like an old doll,

you’ve been traded in for a virtual game,

and only exist in the scrolling lanes.


But every once in a while,

someone will look up.

Stop and smile, remember life above,

all the screens and madness,

and liking and status.


But then become sad with the realization,

that no one is there to share the revelation.

Because they are still looking down missing all this action,

like standing at a train station,

watching things pass in distraction.


It gets harder and harder to tell who the antagonist is,

whether it’s the phone, the person,

or maybe it all is.


But the real question is,

will we let this consume us?

Will our reflections forever be replaced by the screen us?


At the end of the day when the lights go off,

all screens go black and everything stops.

Six feet under we will not lie,

We won’t be remembered after some time,

but the technologies and devices starting in I.


Alexa Darwin

4 thoughts on “Replacing You with I

  1. Thank you for posting your poetry project based on the short story “The Veldt,” a project for both English 9 and COL (ADL10). I have some observations regarding this piece on a technological perspective.

    – Creative title “I” play on Apple products
    – Editing and overall presentation looks good
    – The music and selection of images seems well thought out
    – Creative layout of information in an aesthetically pleasing manner
    – Somewhat professional in format (replicates a professional looking film)
    – Presentation images, text and audio, straightforward and provides added value
    – Multiple categories highlight the importance of the short story in a different form of media, your poem
    – Properly posted on your edublog!

    I hope that you enjoyed doing this project and learnt not only about poetry, but also how to use a new technological tool!
    Thank you,

    Mr. Barazzuol
    COL Teacher

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