Blog Log #2 – Connecting with My Patients


Category: Goodness & Kindness

Firstly, the category interested me because each day I strive to be good and to be kind to everyone I encounter. From personal experience I know how much small acts can mean and what a big difference they can make. This specific essay however, interested me as the author is a doctor and his main point was about patient care.

I liked this authors writing style because of the vocabulary he used and because it felt personal to me. ‘”It is a simple act that acknowledges my desire to meet their basic needs as a patient.” 

The connections that I made with my life regarding this subject are my personal experiences with how important patient care is and what a big impact it can have on you. This essay demonstrates that it is important to genuinely care for your patients, to show them kindness, and to treat them as real people and not just as your job. As he explains, to treat your patients the way you would want your family and friends to be taken care of.




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  1. Alexa – the article is interesting. A blanket is a powerful symbol of protection and care. good insights

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