Inquiry Post #1 – The Friday Everything Changed – One Voice

Inquiry Post #1

Inquiry Question(s): Why do some people choose accept their fate (determinism) while others try to create their own will? How does the influence of others impact our own lives? How/why does our environment or where we come from define us?

Original Text: The Friday Everything Changed

Secondary source/s: Gandolf quote

The Friday Everything Changed – One Voice

The Friday Everything Changed is a story that takes us back to a time when the idea of a women being able to do what a man can was unfathomable. When our protagonist speaks up about these stereotypical gender roles, we see that in any challenge we may face in life, not only equality but in many other aspects, it only takes one voice to speak up and start change. The protagonist questions the system and why the girls are not able to carry the water. At first this is shocking, and outrage breaks out among the boys, and even some of the girls are not on board. As time goes on the girls join together and stand together, prepared to stand tall and strong for what they not only want, but believe in. We can even relate this text to situations we face today, where we battle with the images and ideas that society has, or the majority has, or those in power have. Being able to have the courage to speak up and stand up for what you believe in. This is how the Gandolf quote relates perfectly and accurately describes the moral of this story. It only takes one voice, one act of courage, to make a difference. I think not as many stand up for what they believe in because they are scared, perhaps about what others will think of them, and perhaps even that they won’t be taken seriously or that change will not arise. This is why having the support of others and of a community makes all the difference. Having the approval and support of those around has a large influence on how we act and what we act on. Their opinions have a large impact on ours. If those around us all have the same mindset, it makes it even harder to speak out if your opinion is different. This in particular is clearly demonstrated in the story, as during the time that this story takes place, it was unimaginable that a women can do what a man can. It was just the way it was, and nobody chose to question it. If they did, they would have been ostracized, what we also see in the story, until the girls come together to support one another. Perhaps if we start to support each other more, we will see more positive change in the world.

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  1. Hi Alexa – a very good discussion. You chose very good questions to integrate into your discussion of FEC, and the connection you make to the Gandalf quote is good; however, you were supposed to discuss two secondary quotes.

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