Blog Log #1 – In God Alone


Category: Empathy and Compassion

The environment that he is in is the main reason that he ends up dying. Because of the cold, the fact that he becomes wet and then freezes, is ultimately what ends up being his demise. If he were in a different environment, the cause of his death would have different, and if the climate not taken to such extremes perhaps the events that took place would not have been as challenging or life threatening.

This article interested me because it reveals a struggle that comes with faith, that is surrendering everything and leaving it all in the hands of God. This interests me, because I myself, through my faith, have struggled and still continue to struggle with leaving everything with God. Knowing that all is in His power. My favorite texts are always written through the first person, which is the point of view this essay is written from. I really enjoy literature which explains a story or expresses a personal journey. For me this article feels very personal, because he is telling a story that must have been a very stressful and painful time not only for him, but for his whole family. He learnt from this time, and saw God working through those women, something that I think is incredibly beautiful. Being able to see God work in your life, through those around you, is something amazing.

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