Solution Fluency


What is the challenge you’ve been given?

The problem that our group had decided to address was the lack of electricity, and the inaccessibility that people have to electricity in certain countries. For example, Saul and his family. When skyping with Saul this previous time, we were a bit shocked to find out the lengths he had had to go to only to be able to skype with us for around 15 minutes. He had had to go over to his neighbors house, just to charge his laptop and phone as his house did not have any electricity. He had been using the flashlight from his phone on his face so we could see him, and his computer to skype with us. It was very shocking to us, seeing as we are so easily able to do these types of things at any time.


What innovative ideas do you have about how this problem could be solved?

Already there are many things being done around the world to help find a resolution to this problem which is fantastic. Helping with those already established organizations and programs, whether it be volunteering or donating is a fantastic way to help.

An idea that we came up with on our own would be possibly something like solar powered batteries. We are not sure how or if this would work, but if it were possible it would be a great way to have an energy source that could be used for multiple things multiple times. Or something kind of like the portable chargers for Iphones. I think that a portable energy source that would be able to connect to various things would be very useful for this problem.


How will you package and publish your information?

The way that our group decided to deliver our project to the class was through a video. However if our ideas and dreams were to be achieved, a great way to spread the message which is as popular as it is effective, would be by using a social media platform. Whether that be to put it into an advertisement on different websites, or to create its own social media through a platform like Twitter or Instagram. All of these would be very useful to this problem, not to mention rapid and effective.


How did the process go?

First we all sat down and decided on an issue that we would like to address. Secondly, we divided up our work into different sections, so each person would be responsible for one area of the project (this plan can be found on our OneNote). And third, we researched our individual parts, and followed by writing scripts. We recorded our videos ans then sent them into the group member who was responsible for editing the video (Wyatt).


The group members for this project were Alexa, Clement, Wyatt & Dylan.

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