Mutation Story

Solution Fluency 


What questions was I trying to answer?

The question that I was trying to answer through my research, was what genes were connected and related to Crohn’s Disease and what exactly that gene controlled in their hosts body. So my answers to those questions was the gene NOD2 and what that gene controlled was when it sensed unwanted and harmful bacteria, let other genes know so they could fight the harmful bacteria.


How did I try to answer those questions?

I tried answering those questions as best I could by looking into the gene not only with how it related to Crohn’s Disease but also the genes roll as it would function normally.


Did I find relevant information and cite my sources?

I did, and at one point in my mutation story research I found an article that had been scanned and put online, so I added that link in there when quoting it. Another website that I found very helpful was Genetics Home Reference, especially where the role my gene played in my hosts body was concerned.


How did the process go?

I found it a little bit difficult and that I really had to dig deeper to understand the gene NOD2, but first I chose a mutation, which was Crohn’s Disease. Secondly, I researched Crohn’s Disease and what happens to someone who has it. I had already known a little bit about it as I have a family friend who struggles with this disease, so I really got to learn more about it and how it works which I found interesting. Third, I researched what genes are related to Crohn’s Disease, which I then found NOD2 plays a big role. I then researched how this gene is to function normally, and lastly I researched the effects that this gene has when a mutation.

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