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Which fruit creates the most electric voltage?


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Materials (fruits that were used):

  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Banana
  • Potato


First each fruit was tested with 3V, and then with 15V, except for the potato that was only tested with 3V.


  • When the fruits were tested with 3V, they were higher on the scale then when tested with 15V.


  • In the end, the lemon had the highest charge with 3V.
  • In the end, the lemon also had the highest charge with 15V as well.


  • The lemon had the highest electric voltage charge.
  • The orange had the second highest electric voltage.
  • The banana and the potato had the almost the same amount of charge on 3V.
  • My hypothesis was correct.
  • Because we didn’t test the potato at both levels of 3V and 15V (only 3V), would the potatoes electric voltage have been lower than the lemons like it was when tested with 3V except on 15V?

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