Global Goal 13 – Composting

Alexa Darwin, Abby Delaney & Ruby Maher

The video above is about the sustainable development goal, Global Goal 13, climate action. We talk about the importance of composting, and how taking a step as small as this can make a big difference.

4 thoughts on “Global Goal 13 – Composting

  1. Hey Alexa,

    Wow, amazing video! Thank you for sharing all of that information, it is truly something everyone should be aware of. Global warming is such a huge topic so good on you guys for taking the truly important facts and being finding a way to share them. I was just wondering if your group will be sticking to this topic? If I remember correctly your group was going to make signs for the garbage, recycling and composting bins. Is that project still a possibility or will you be exploring other options? Thanks again for sharing and great work, all of you.

    -Kelsey Stewart

    1. Also I’m not sure if it is something with youtube or maybe just my computer but I found the video to be a bit blurry. Again, maybe the error is on my end but just thought I would let you know.

      -Kelsey Stewart

    2. Hi Kelsey,

      Thanks for the comment! I was heading towards global goal number 4, quality education, but it may change. Nothing has really been finalized yet. About the video being blurry, other people seemed to be having that problem as well. It was uploaded from my phone and the video was clear, so I don’t really know why it is like that. 🙁

      Thank you for the great feedback!

      Alexa Darwin

  2. Awesome video, I loved all the tips you gave on what and what not to compost. I will definitely be paying more attention on that.

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