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Week 3 – Math 10 – Cosine, Sine and Tangents

This week I learnt about what cosine sine and tangents were. Before now, they used to just be mystery buttons on my calculator. I’ve now figured out you can use them to calculate angles and sides on a triangle. I’ve… Continue Reading →

Timeline – Communication

Preceden Timeline Maker Communication is an ever-evolving thing. There are many forms of communication, such as auditorial, visual or even written. This project will be focused on the written aspects of communication. Written communication started out with the creation of… Continue Reading →

Week 2 – Math 10 – Negative Exponents

This week, I learned how to solve an equation if there’s a negative exponent. This is by flipping any negative exponents around to the bottom/top of the equation. This is how it’s done: The first step I did here was… Continue Reading →

Media Research Project

Wikipedia Wikipedia has been a huge contributor to the start of Web 2.0. It was a completely new concept upon its release back in January 15, 2001 and no other website has surged quite like it has. It started on… Continue Reading →

Week 1 – Math 10 – Division Shortcuts

This week, I learnt how to quickly know if a number can divide into another number lower than 10. This is done by following a set of patterns, depending on what number you’re trying to divide into. Here’s the pattern:… Continue Reading →

What is new Media?

What is new media? (Revised) New media is information/content that is available to anyone from any type of device. It is participatory, which means one can also submit content for others to consume. That makes it a two-way communication network…. Continue Reading →

Astronomy Wonder Assignment

Do we know if aliens exist or not? In a very brief and incomplete response, no, we do not yet know if aliens exist or not. What counts as an ‘alien’? In my research, I am going to count only… Continue Reading →

SH10 – Projet Radio

Projet Radio – Audio Projet Radio – Rédaction Je pense que l’événement le plus significatif dans les années 1920 était l’effet que les Célèbres Cinq ont eu sur le Canada. Leurs actions ont fait beaucoup des changements à ce temps,… Continue Reading →

SH10 – PGM Une Gallérie

SH10 – PGM

Science 10 – The Dog Feeder 2000

The Dog Feeder 2000 – A Rube Goldberg Project by Alex and Nia Core Competency here Burn string with lighter String releases car Car hits books Books flip over a container Container yoinks a paper out from under a… Continue Reading →

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