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Science 9 – Innovation Reflection

1. a) Title Picture b) What we did: Click to Download Video c) What we made: 2. a) Story of my Experience I started off realizing after we listened to Sarah Badiei, that I knew nothing about the problems in… Continue Reading →

Currents from the Kitchen

Fruits used: I used an apple, banana, avocado, and a carrot. Prediction: Which fruit will produce the most electric voltage? The apple. Why? Because sugar produces energy for our body, maybe it produces electrical charge as well. Questions: What kind… Continue Reading →

CC – Community Connections Alternate

  Alex Arvisais                                                       Community Connection Alternate   Making Connections   Volunteer opportunity to gain experience and knowledge:   Employment opportunity to gain experience and knowledge:   Blog of both volunteer and employment link: Volunteer – In this link,… Continue Reading →

Mitosis Analogy

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Science 9 – Factory Emmisions


Edible DNA Model

T A A T C G G C T A A T T A G C A T   This is DNA strand twisted into a double helix. DNA is like an alphabet, and is unique for everyone. DNA stands… Continue Reading →

Climate Change Image

Climate Change Image Ontario/Québec Québec’s temperature has gone from 1°C to 3°C in the past 50 years. It will continue to increase exponentially from now on, and will have very serious and negative consequences such as more forest fires, air… Continue Reading →

Science 9 – Climate Change

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Self Assessment – Socials 9 – Pouvoir!

Self Assessment – Socials 9

Safety Story

Map of the Room   Description of 5 Items Fire Extinguisher Fire extinguishers are used for when there’s a flame happening around you, away from other people. You point them at the fire, then squeeze down the nozzle to activate… Continue Reading →

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