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Science 10 – The Dog Feeder 2000

The Dog Feeder 2000 – A Rube Goldberg Project by Alex and Nia Core Competency here Burn string with lighter String releases car Car hits books Books flip over a container Container yoinks a paper out from under a… Continue Reading →

Core Competency Science 10

Riverside PE – First Aid Scenario

Parti D’Amélioration

Notre focusses seront sur la sagesse écologique, l’inclusion de tout le monde, et d’entendre plus les idées des enfants.     Sagesse écologique : De faire plus d’un effort d’expliquer aux tous les élèves comment utiliser les différents paniers comme la… Continue Reading →

FR10 – Arvisais – Superhéro

FR10 – Arvisais – Superhéro (Fini)

Français 9 – Les Misérables


TOKTW 2018

The Assignment: You will be observing your host throughout the day. There are 3 parts to this assignment: Part 1- The Interview: Observe your host at work, at some point interview your host and record/make notes of the results Part… Continue Reading →

Science 9 – Bioethic presentation

Bioethic presentation!AoXnUwen2r-chXmqd8zc4SOBlS51

Science 9 – Innovation Reflection

1. a) Title Picture b) What we did: Click to Download Video c) What we made: 2. a) Story of my Experience I started off realizing after we listened to Sarah Badiei, that I knew nothing about the problems in… Continue Reading →

Currents from the Kitchen

Fruits used: I used an apple, banana, avocado, and a carrot. Prediction: Which fruit will produce the most electric voltage? The apple. Why? Because sugar produces energy for our body, maybe it produces electrical charge as well. Questions: What kind… Continue Reading →

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