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Les règles dans la cuisine

Dans la cuisine, tout le monde a besoin de rester sain et sauve. Mais, c’est difficile à faire cela parce que la cuisine a beaucoup de hasards tout partout. Ça c’est quelque règles qui vont vous aider à rester secure…. Continue Reading →

Week 17 – Math 10 – Systems of linear equations

This week, we learnt what “systems of linear equations” meant. All it really means is that there’s more than 1 line. There are 3 different scenarios where this would occur if you are using straight lines. Scenario 1: The most… Continue Reading →

Week 16 – Math 10 – Point Slope Form

This week, we learnt about the point slope form of a line. We’ve already learnt about slope y-intercept form, and this is just another form to show a line numerically. For a point slope form of a line, the default… Continue Reading →

Week 14 – Math 10 – What is a slope?

This week, we’ve learnt what a slope is and how to write it out numerically. Here is our line. The first thing you want to consider with a slope is if it’s positive or negative. The way to figure this… Continue Reading →

Week 15 – Math 10 – Straight Lines

This week, we learnt how to find the equation of a straight line. The equation for a straight line is y=mx+b. We know the x and y represent any coordinate on the line. But what does the m and b… Continue Reading →

Public Broadcasting – What benefits does public broadcasting bring to its citizens?

  Works Cited Audiopedia. “What Is PUBLIC BROADCASTING? What Does PUBLIC BROADCASTING Mean? PUBLIC BROADCASTING Meaning.” YouTube, The Audiopedia, 2 Sept. 2016, Canada Broadcasting Corporation. “2018-2019 Annual Report.”, 2019, Huitsing. “CBC News (Canadian Broadcasting).” Media Bias/Fact Check,… Continue Reading →

Week 13 – Math 10 – Function Notation

This week, I learnt how to solve a function notation equation. Function notation equations look complicated when first viewed, but aren’t as complex as they seem. Here is our practice equation: If f(1) = p, what is f(p)? First, you… Continue Reading →

Indigenous Podcast – Residential School Survivor Stories

This year in New Media 10, we had to choose between making a podcast about either a residential school survivor or a missing/murdered indigenous women. I chose to make mine about Bill McLean, a survivor from Poundmakers Residential School. His… Continue Reading →

Week 11 – Math 10 – Brackets in Interval Notation

This week I’ve learnt that there is a difference between square brackets [ ] and curved brackets ( ) and what it signifies. Let’s use an example on a graph. The points on this graph are -3 and +3. But… Continue Reading →

Week 7 – Math 10 – Factoring Simple Trinomials

This week, I learnt how to factor trinomials that follow the pattern Our example will be The first value in the trinomial can only be The second value in the trinomial has to be (In this example we use 6x)…. Continue Reading →

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