Vancouver Police Buys 3 drones for Investigations

The drones will only be used for investigations, and will not be used for normal surveillance. If approved, they will be running by the end of the year.

A few reasons for having these drones include:

  • Investigate car crashes
  • Analyze crime scenes
  • Search and rescue missions
  • Catching crime during large events
  • Directing officers to where they need to be

The Vancouver Police Department bought 1 large drone and 2 small drones. The large drone costed $100,000 and the two smaller ones costed $40,000. This includes the price of training.

The drones are not supposed to make physical contact with anyone. They won’t be equipped with any abilities to take down other drones yet, but “we’re looking at countermeasure options” (Eely, 2019).

The use of RPAS (remotely piloted aerial systems) can worry some people, however the police’s privacy impact assesment adresses those concerns.